Sunday, 16 December 2012

Χορωδία Jubilate [Α΄]

Στην εκκλησία μας οργανώσαμε μια εξαιρετική μουσική χριστουγεννιάτικη εκδήλωση χθες βράδυ. Η πολυ-βραβευμένη αγγλική γυναικεία Χορωδία Jubilate μας προσέφερε μια μουσική πανδαισία, με χριστουγεννιάτικους ύμνους και κάλαντα! 

Ο παρών ιστολόγος ως Ιερατικώς Προϊστάμενος καλωσόρισε τη Χορωδία και το πυκνό ακροατήριο με τα παρακάτω λόγια: 

Καλησπέρα σας! 

Good-evening to you all and welcome to our newly build and newly consecrated Church of St. Panteleimon and St. Paraskevi. 

We are gathered here tonight, as we did last year around this time, in order to celebrate, the so called Metropolis of all Christian Festivals and that is Christmas, with the great and valuable help of the awards-winning ladies’ choir Jubilate, with all those beautiful voices of the highly talented ladies. 

Christmas is obviously a unique Christian festival, commemorated on 25th December every year throughout the Christendom. There is no Christianity without it. The Holy Scriptures record that “...every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God” (1 John 4, 3). 

On Christmas Eve, in our Greek Orthodox Vespers we joyfully chant: “What shall we offer Thee, O Christ, who for our sakes hast appeared on earth as a man? Every creature made by Thee offers Thee thanks. The angels offer Thee a hymn; the heavens a star; the wise men, gifts; the shepherds, their wonder; the earth, its cave; the wilderness, the manger: and we offer Thee a Virgin Mother. O pre-eternal God, have mercy upon us”. 

Tonight the angels are here and they will certainly offer hymns and carols, in honour of this great festival and in praise of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

On behalf of all of us I would like to offer them, as well as to our Greek ladies who organised this event, our very many thanks and sincere gratitude.

My dearest friends,

Let us wish that this Christmas will be filled with spiritual joy and happiness and let us think not of what present we will receive, but of what gift we shall offer to our Saviour and our Lord, who humbly accepted for our sake to become one of us and to appear on earth as a man!

Welcome again and enjoy the music!

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