Friday, 18 March 2011

«Μεγαλύτερος από τον Αλέξανδρο»

Πραγματοποιείται σήμερα στο Ελληνικό Κέντρο Λονδίνου (The Hellenic Centre, 16-18 Paddington Street, London W1U 5AS), στις 7.00 μ.μ., μια ωραία εκδήλωση των Μακεδόνων Μεγ. Βρετανίας, με ομιλητή τον πολύ γνωστό Michael Wood, και με θέμα: «'Greater than Alexander', The ancient Greek adventure in India and its legacy».

Η εκδήλωση τελεί υπό την αιγίδα του Εξοχώτατου Έλληνα Πρέσβη στο Λονδίνο κ. Αριστείδη Σάνδη.

Η είσοδος είναι ελεύθερη.

Δυό λόγια για τον σπουδαίο ομιλητή:

For more than 20 years historian and broadcaster Michael Wood has made compelling journeys into the past, which have brought history alive for a generation of readers and viewers. He is the author of several highly praised books including In Search of the Trojan War, The Doomsday Quest, A South Indian Journey, and In Search of Shakespeare. He has over 80 documentary films to his name, among them Art of the Western World, In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great, Conquistadors and In Search of Myths and Heroes. His latest documentary series The Story of India was on BBC2 throughout September 2007 and there is a book of the same name to accompany the television programmes. His latest series is The Story of England with a book of the same name. Michael was born in Manchester and educated at Manchester Grammar School and Oriel College Oxford, where he did post-graduate research in Anglo-Saxon history. He is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a Governor of the RSC.

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