Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Watch and learn from PT Nick Salapatas!

It is with great pleasure that I present here my son Nick Salapatas, a highly successful Personal Trainer, who works for Fitness First at Tottenham Court Road, at the heart of London.

He names his work “Gainz Daily”! He supports many people in their quest for a better, healthier and more athletic body! In this video he presents some of his valuable work, in an easy and educational manner, for everyone to understand and follow him in their personal work out.

Easy work! Great Gainz Daily tips!


Α. Παπαγιάννης said...

Easy work... My back hurts already just watching him!
Best of luck in his ventures.

Dr.Spyros Antypas said...

The Salapatas family are always benefactors of souls and bodies. We feel proud of them. We thank them and wish them the best. Dr.Med.S. Antypas