Thursday, 1 March 2018

Dr. Dimitris Salapatas on Sobornost

Sobornost is the official publication of the Fellowship of St. Alban and St. Sergius, which is based in Oxford. Fr. Stephen Platt is the General Secretary of this historic organisation.

It is published twice a year, always containing some very interesting articles on matters of Theology and Inter-Christian Relations.

The latest issue, vol. 39:2 / 2017, includes among the other stimulating articles that of Dr. Dimitris Salapatas, which in actual fact is his “Report on Fellowship Annual Conference 2017: Authority and the Church”!

The Editor of Sobornost Very Revd. Dr. Andrew Louth, wrote in his Editorial about this Report, “We are grateful to Dimitris Salapatas for his engaging account of the (Fellowship’s Conference) proceedings”!

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