Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Ημέρες Συνομιλιών στο IOCS

To Iνστιτούτο Ορθόδοξων Σπουδών του Κέϊμπριτζ μας ενημερώνει για το παρακάτω:

Just a quick note to let you know that all of this year's Conversation Days contributions have now been uploaded to our YouTube channel - a great chance to catch up with or remember the warm stimulating atmosphere of these great events!

1. ‘Working salvation in the midst of the earth’: Ecology and Christian tradition (17 March, 2018):

Session 1 by Elizabeth Theokritoff:

Session 2 by Dr Rebecca Watson:

2. 'Modern Science and Orthodox Christianity: Friends or Foes?' (28 April 2018)

Session 1 - Revd Dr Christopher Knight on Modern Science and Orthodox Christianity: Friends or Foes?:

Session 2 - Dr Elizabeth Theokritoff on 'The book of creation: How do you read?':

3. 'Monastic life in today's world' (19 May 2018)

Session 1 - Archimandrite Zacharias on 'Living outside the camp of the world':

Session 2 - Father George Guiver on 'Monastic life in today's world':

4. Persecution and religious freedom (16 June 2018)

Session 1 - Archbishop Angaelos of London on 'The Biblical Foundations of Religious Freedom':

Session 2 - Revd Prof Andrew Louth on 'Martyrdom in the Early Church':

This series of events has been kindly sponsored by the Koga Family.

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