Tuesday 28 November 2023

Καινούργια πόλη

Ο αγαπητός φίλος Ποιητής και Φιλέλληνας Richard Devereux συνέταξε όμορφο Ποίημα, αφιερωμένο στην Αθήνα και η σκηνοθέτις Diana Taylor ετοίμασε το βίντεο της παρούσας ανάρτησης, με σκοπό την ευρύτερη προβολή του Ποιήματος.

Ο Ριχάρδος ανέφερε χαρακτηριστικά:
Every night people in Greece are building a New City, they are not going to live there. The film explores the dreams in Athens of those who have been displaced and looking for a new order.
Το Ποίημα έχει ως εξής:
New City
I am building a new city,
a small one, you understand,
for me and my friends.
It doesn’t need a name. It’s not on any map.
There’s no road in and no road out.
I can’t, of course, tell you where it is.
Only that it’s on an island
by a long stretch of untrod sand.
The work is going well.
Each night my friends help me build a little more,
picking up where we left off.
Our stone homes have windows and doors;
each night the lads are painting
the shutters green and white-washing the walls.
Some are laying out the gardens,
planting fruit trees, sowing seeds –
every flower you have ever seen.
Soon we are having beehives delivered
for the homeless bees.
There will be windmills on the hills
with blue sails free to swell
as much or as little as the wind blows.
And a Church – believers, and those who don’t,
taking turns to be the papás.
You’ll find the kafeneíon in the Square,
below the old plátanos tree.
When the job’s done, we’ll all sit there,
sore bums on wicker chairs,
strong coffees bubbling in the bríki,
recalling how happy we were
building the new city.
        When we’re done
        I’m not going
        to move there
        just visit, like now,
        a few hours every night
        when I’ve fallen asleep
        in the basement
        of the polykatoikia
        next to the others
        the cripples, illegals, refugees,
        & those who nod off
        with a needle in their arm.
        These are my friends
        who are helping me
        build the new city.

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